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Using Your Mobile Device to Get Through Road Trip

December 5th, 2018

Road trips can be excruciating; the bickering, scattered toilet breaks, road diversions, traffic jams and hunger. But they needn’t be so bad if you’re well stocked and prepared. In fact, with mobile gaming and online devices, you don’t have to live in your own separate little worlds in the car, but instead use your devices to connect with one another, keeping you amused on road trips. Whether long or short, here are some great ways to play on the road.

1. The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

This is perfect for family road trips, to include the whole family and keep the little ones in the backseat amused. Like the family favourite game I Spy, The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt produces a list of things to find, from the everyday to the site specific. This is an ideal game to while away the hours together.

2. Live Casinos

If you’re age appropriate, what better way to spend your travelling time than in a glitzy online casino. With live dealers, you can bring the casino into the backseat of your car and help each other through games of baccarat, poker or blackjack. It’s easy to play as long as you learn how.

3. Wi-Fi Finder

Although not strictly entertainment, this app will help you find wi-fi hotspots and save your use of data. Not only does this app identify wi-fi spots, it tells you how to get there, the cost and the type. This may just save you in sticky situations.

4. Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

Another firm family favourite, the Family travel pack kit comes with board game classics to play on the go. Whether its noughts and crosses, chess or sudoku, the games work both on single devices and by linking up multiple phones/tablets. If one of your passengers falls asleep, you can switch over to the AI option.

5. DUAL!

The perfect two phone gaming solution, DUAL! works by putting two screens together and playing Atari-style vintage shooter games.

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