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Restoring Your Car – What Equipment Is Needed?

October 13th, 2014

If you want to achieve a good car restoration, you need to determine how much work is to be done on it. You can read about it, do it yourself, or contact an expert to give you all the estimates required. At this stage, you take a roll of the equipment and materials you need to add. If you are looking forward to a job well done, then you need to get the best items in the market. Of course, you may not be in a position to purchase everything on your list; rather you can weigh the options of renting against getting a new one. Here are a number of tools that are a must have for a car restoration project.Car Mover – Depending on the scale of your restoration projects, you may decide to rent or purchase one of these. This is a very useful tool in moving the car around without having to start it. You also need one that will not jam mod-way your restoration process and end up stalling your work.Impact Wrench – You will need this for the removal of bolts, nuts and lug nuts.Dent Puller – This tool is used to pull out dents from the body of the car. There are of two types; hand operated, and motor operated. The hand operated one is better in precision since you have control over the suction force.Transmission Stand – This is an object that is used to place the transmission on and to keep its shape. It also helps safeguard that there are no damages sustained when the transmission is being moved.Hand Tools – Hand tools include wrenches, screwdrivers, tin cutters, drills, pliers and many more. These and more hand-held tools have different uses throughout the project, and you will need them.Lift – This includes either a hydraulic or a pulley system frame that is either hand-operated or electric powered, that is used to place and install doors.Grinder – This is a tool that is used on the body works; rust removal, metal cutting and burnishing sharp edges. This is a tool that has to be there in most of the restoration jobs done.Paint Stripper – It is obvious that you will need to scrape off some paint for rust removal, patch painting or the entire body stripping. Depending on the magnitude of stripping required, you will decide on what size to acquire.Autojig – This is used to make holes with maximum precision in order to keep the measurements exact.Creeper– This is used for the movement underneath the car.

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