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How to get WiFi in your car

August 9th, 2018

Many new vehicles today are being equipped with WiFi access as a standard or optionally selectable feature. Adding WiFi to your car can greatly increase your productivity and mobile connectivity. In recent years, our lives have become more and more reliant on the internet and the cars we use has started to reflect this. Many premium automakers are adding “connected” features to their cars. This functionality allows you to find a specific restaurant on the go and have directions to there sent to your car’s onboard navigation system. Internet connectivity in vehicles also serves a more serious function in the form of safety. By connecting the vehicle to the internet, an automaker can remotely monitor your vehicle and alert emergency services in the event of an accident. While all these features are great, they are not always available in every vehicle. It is, however, possible to easily and affordably add a WiFi hotspot to your car. Investing in a portable WiFi hotspot is an easy to use alternative allowing passengers immediate access to the internet. Internet access can be used to access the office on the go, download or stream your favourite movie, or even indulge in some online casino games while travelling to your destination. There are even some devices available which plug into your cars lighter socket and gives instant internet connectivity. Having internet available in your vehicle will entertain passengers while the driver can remain focused on getting everybody there safely. They are free to do anything from checking in on social media to playing games. If your vehicle is not equipt with a WiFi hotspot as standard, adding one is very easy and quick to do. You can even use the mobile hotspot functionality on your smartphone as a quick way of getting your car online! It is important to always observe regulations and for the driver to remain focused on the road at all times. Long journeys in a car can be quite boring for passengers and having internet access available makes the time go by a bit faster.

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