Surviving the Road Trip

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Road trips can get overwhelming and boring, especially if you are travelling with kids. But they are also a great way for loved ones to have fun, reconnect, and unwind. Here’s how to have fun in the car on long road trips:

Listen to Music

Great music makes road trips more tolerable. Load your favourite songs to your device a day before your trip. Equally, you can stream endless hits using programs like iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora. Just ensure you choose music that appeals to everyone in the car.

Watch a Movie

Thanks to modern technology, you can now enjoy your favourite tv shows/movies from just about anywhere. If your car has built-in screens, invest in a portable DVD player or an iPad. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to stream movies from Hulu, Netflix, or similar apps. Again, ensure you choose s show or movie that everyone can enjoy.

Play Traditional Car-ride Games

It’s time to ditch all the devices and have fun the old-fashioned way. There are several games to try out on your next road trip, including 20 Questions, The Name Game, Fictional Families, License Plate Game, Would You Rather, and so on.

Car Picnic

Some of the best memories are created when loved ones come together for a meal. And what better way to pass time in the car than with food. Keep plenty of foods on hand, including snacks, drinks, and whole meals. Most moms will want to keep it healthy, but try to sneak in a little candy and some chicken wings.

Play Casino Games Online

Online casinos have made it possible for those who are into gaming to play anywhere, anytime. They offer thousands of the latest and greatest casino games, including your favourite slots and several table games. They also offer different types of free spins, including the no deposit free spins for new players, which allows you to win without having to wager your own money. So, pass time, have fun, and possibly make some money.

Read a Book

Pack a couple of books that you can read when you feel like enjoying a quieter activity. Ensure the book is fun, entertaining, and doesn’t require too much concentration.


There are lots of interesting things to see on the road, including historical landmarks, wildlife, awe-inspiring natural phenomena, bountiful road signs, stunning geographical formations, and beautiful skylines. Looking out for these attractions can make the trip seem shorter. Plus, you can create a game out of it; whoever checks off the most sights, wins.

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Using Your Mobile Device to Get Through Road Trip

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Road trips can be excruciating; the bickering, scattered toilet breaks, road diversions, traffic jams and hunger. But they needn’t be so bad if you’re well stocked and prepared. In fact, with mobile gaming and online devices, you don’t have to live in your own separate little worlds in the car, but instead use your devices to connect with one another, keeping you amused on road trips. Whether long or short, here are some great ways to play on the road.

1. The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

This is perfect for family road trips, to include the whole family and keep the little ones in the backseat amused. Like the family favourite game I Spy, The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt produces a list of things to find, from the everyday to the site specific. This is an ideal game to while away the hours together.

2. Live Casinos

If you’re age appropriate, what better way to spend your travelling time than in a glitzy online casino. With live dealers, you can bring the casino into the backseat of your car and help each other through games of baccarat, poker or blackjack. It’s easy to play as long as you learn how.

3. Wi-Fi Finder

Although not strictly entertainment, this app will help you find wi-fi hotspots and save your use of data. Not only does this app identify wi-fi spots, it tells you how to get there, the cost and the type. This may just save you in sticky situations.

4. Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

Another firm family favourite, the Family travel pack kit comes with board game classics to play on the go. Whether its noughts and crosses, chess or sudoku, the games work both on single devices and by linking up multiple phones/tablets. If one of your passengers falls asleep, you can switch over to the AI option.

5. DUAL!

The perfect two phone gaming solution, DUAL! works by putting two screens together and playing Atari-style vintage shooter games.

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4 Great Road Trip Destinations

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The world is full of great destinations, but where can you drive to discover fun and excitement? Here are four ideas to get your motor running straight away.

Cape Town, South Africa

As you watch the dramatic form of Table Mountain rise up before you, you’ll understand why Cape Town is South Africa’s best road trip destination. The country’s cultural melting pot offers something for everyone, from the colourful district of Bo-Kaap or the stunning beaches. Don’t miss the penguins on Boulders Beach! This is also one of the best places in the world to go whale-watching.

Las Vegas, USA

There’s nowhere quite like Las Vegas, a beacon of energy in the middle of the arid Nevada desert. Las Vegas is all about entertainment, so why not try your hand at poker with some of the world’s finest players? It’s best not to go in cold, but happily Poker Travel has a handy list of dos and don’ts.

Nice, France

The French Riviera is known for superb beaches, perfect weather and effortless style – but it’s also a place of beautiful fishing villages, welcoming cafés and excellent watersports. A great road trip option is to start from Marseille, visiting classic resorts such as St Tropez and Cannes – home of the world-famous film festival each May. Nice itself offers fun aplenty, from opera to boat trips.

Mumbai, India

The 90-mile highway from Pune is one of India’s best driver’s roads. Mumbai is nicknamed the City of Dreams, and it’s the best place in India to discover the country’s urban music scene. Delicious food can be easily found without breaking the bank, while shopping for antiques or spices in one of the city’s many markets is an exciting experience in itself. This is India’s most fashionable city, too, so make sure you look your best as you drive in!

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How to get WiFi in your car

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Many new vehicles today are being equipped with WiFi access as a standard or optionally selectable feature. Adding WiFi to your car can greatly increase your productivity and mobile connectivity. In recent years, our lives have become more and more reliant on the internet and the cars we use has started to reflect this. Many premium automakers are adding “connected” features to their cars. This functionality allows you to find a specific restaurant on the go and have directions to there sent to your car’s onboard navigation system. Internet connectivity in vehicles also serves a more serious function in the form of safety. By connecting the vehicle to the internet, an automaker can remotely monitor your vehicle and alert emergency services in the event of an accident. While all these features are great, they are not always available in every vehicle. It is, however, possible to easily and affordably add a WiFi hotspot to your car. Investing in a portable WiFi hotspot is an easy to use alternative allowing passengers immediate access to the internet. Internet access can be used to access the office on the go, download or stream your favourite movie, or even indulge in some online casino games while travelling to your destination. There are even some devices available which plug into your cars lighter socket and gives instant internet connectivity. Having internet available in your vehicle will entertain passengers while the driver can remain focused on getting everybody there safely. They are free to do anything from checking in on social media to playing games. If your vehicle is not equipt with a WiFi hotspot as standard, adding one is very easy and quick to do. You can even use the mobile hotspot functionality on your smartphone as a quick way of getting your car online! It is important to always observe regulations and for the driver to remain focused on the road at all times. Long journeys in a car can be quite boring for passengers and having internet access available makes the time go by a bit faster.

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4 Tips for Buying Used Car Parts Online

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You might not know it, but you can save a ton of money by buying used car parts online and doing your own repairs. These parts are very moderately used and are often refurbished by the retailers to offer superior performance. The best part is that they are often less than half the price of brand new parts!Buying used car parts online can be tricky. Follow these tips to make the most of your used car buying experience:

  1. Check the part conditionThe most important thing to consider when buying a used car part is to check its current condition and the amount of wear and tear. This will obviously vary from part to part, but you shouldn’t look to buy a part that is older than a few years, or has seen extensive, rough use. A trustworthy retailer will be more than happy to give you details of the part’s use history. Use this information to make a more informed buying decision.
  2. Cleaning, refurbishing and damage mitigation policiesMost used car part retailers don’t just sell their wares as-is – they actively clean the part and brign it back to near-factory state. Before you plop down your money, ask the retailer about their cleaning, testing and refurbishing policies. Buy online if you are sure that the part is in good condition and has been cleaned and tested properly.
  3. Understand what you needBefore you go shopping for a used car part, it is recommended that you work with an experienced mechanic to figure out what exact parts you need. A mechanic will be able to give you a much better assessment of your requirements, and can also help you list out the exact part number and type you should buy.
  4. Check the return policiesLastly, before you make a purchase decision, make sure to ask the retailer about their return policy. Any reputable retailer will have a solid money back guarantee within a certain time frame (60 days or more). This means you can return the used part any time you need, no questions asked.

Not many people think of buying used car parts online, but for the savvy consumer, it is a great way to cut costs and find just the part they need for their car repairs.

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Bying new carparts online – tips

November 7th, 2014 Comments off

Many people like to save money by doing their car maintenance and repairs. When reliability is an issue, buying new car parts is the way to go. Online car part shops such as Eurocarparts and buycarparts carry an extensive range so you likely to find the part you require at the best price.

Do Your Research

First, find the number of the car part you need. Contact a few local car dealers and get quotes. Their prices will give you a point of reference when searching online, so that you know whether you have found a bargain.

Check Out The Warranty

Read the small print to find out what warranties are offered. Some car parts may appear to be cheap, but without a warranty you have no come-back should things go wrong. If the company does offer a warranty, take a look at the fine detail such as the mileage covered. Check whether you are liable to pay postage if you need to return a car part. Ideally, you should be looking for a car part company that offers an unlimited mileage, one-year guarantee on car parts, with returns postage-paid.

Customer Service

When you have found the car part you need at the best price and with a good guarantee, you may need some questions answered before you decide to buy. Does the company you are dealing with offer a customer help line? If they do, it is an excellent idea to put it to the test; no warranty is worth much of you cannot contact the company quickly and easily.

Customer Reviews

Finally, if there are any customer reviews available on independent websites, read them carefully. A reputable car part company will have a high number of positive reviews from satisfied customers, so that you will be able to buy with confidence.

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Restoring Your Car – What Equipment Is Needed?

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If you want to achieve a good car restoration, you need to determine how much work is to be done on it. You can read about it, do it yourself, or contact an expert to give you all the estimates required. At this stage, you take a roll of the equipment and materials you need to add. If you are looking forward to a job well done, then you need to get the best items in the market. Of course, you may not be in a position to purchase everything on your list; rather you can weigh the options of renting against getting a new one. Here are a number of tools that are a must have for a car restoration project.Car Mover – Depending on the scale of your restoration projects, you may decide to rent or purchase one of these. This is a very useful tool in moving the car around without having to start it. You also need one that will not jam mod-way your restoration process and end up stalling your work.Impact Wrench – You will need this for the removal of bolts, nuts and lug nuts.Dent Puller – This tool is used to pull out dents from the body of the car. There are of two types; hand operated, and motor operated. The hand operated one is better in precision since you have control over the suction force.Transmission Stand – This is an object that is used to place the transmission on and to keep its shape. It also helps safeguard that there are no damages sustained when the transmission is being moved.Hand Tools – Hand tools include wrenches, screwdrivers, tin cutters, drills, pliers and many more. These and more hand-held tools have different uses throughout the project, and you will need them.Lift – This includes either a hydraulic or a pulley system frame that is either hand-operated or electric powered, that is used to place and install doors.Grinder – This is a tool that is used on the body works; rust removal, metal cutting and burnishing sharp edges. This is a tool that has to be there in most of the restoration jobs done.Paint Stripper – It is obvious that you will need to scrape off some paint for rust removal, patch painting or the entire body stripping. Depending on the magnitude of stripping required, you will decide on what size to acquire.Autojig – This is used to make holes with maximum precision in order to keep the measurements exact.Creeper– This is used for the movement underneath the car.

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Restoring Your Car: Things You Can Do Yourself

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

Car restoration is a fun and potentially lucrative pastime. Do you have an old Mustang that you would like to bring back to its former glory? You may be considering purchasing a used Porsche and enabling it to gleam once again. While these and other projects can be a bit challenging and may require the skills of a professional, there are other tasks that you can accomplish easily within your garage. Let’s take a look at a few great car restoration tips and tricks.

Windscreen Repair

It is very common for older cars to have a crack or ding within their windscreen. Although larger imperfections could require an entire replacement, those which are smaller than six centimetres can be fixed with the use of a windscreen repair kit. These can be found at most automotive repair stores and they employ the use of a transparent resin to seal the crack and protect it from future damage.

A Coat of Paint

We should first be clear here. Painting your car is much different than slapping a few coats on the walls in your bedroom. You will need to use what is known as an airless paint sprayer. These machines will offer an even coat of paint and they can handle automotive additives quite well. If you do not have the money to purchase one outright, you will always be able to rent a sprayer from a reputable dealer. Of course, you should read the instruction manual before attempting such a job.

Leather Restoration

Nothing beats the feel of a classic car interior. So, you are wise to contemplate restoring any leather to its former glory. Barring the need to physically replace a seat cover or a dashboard, this type of work can normally be carried out quite quickly. There are numerous kits on the open market and they generally come in two parts. A solvent is first used to remove and dirt and debris on the surface. After this is completed, a second material will be rubbed in. This protective top coat will bring out the sheen of the leather and help to protect it against the cold and extreme temperatures. In regards to older models, you should perform this task at least twice every year.So, it is apparent that you do not have to be a professional to carry out some amazing restorative techniques on your used or classic car. In fact, each one of these tasks can be accomplished during a weekend afternoon!

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Four Tips for Buying Car Parts Online

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Buying car parts online is a great way to cut costs and get access to a huge variety of brands and part-types. However, it is also equally easy to get ripped off, especially if you are new to auto repair and maintenance. Follow these four tips and you’ll have no problems getting the best car parts online, without breaking the bank:

  1. Look at warrantiesOne of the first things you must consider when buying a car part online is the warranty. Any trustworthy brand and retailer will have no problems offering a generous warranty with its products. Typically, brands offer a minimum of 1 year warranty on its products, though this may vary from part to part. Reputably online retailers also add their own warranty in case of damaged goods, shipping problems or other issues.
  2. Consider brand trustworthinessNot all car part brands are the same. While you can buy a product from Bosch with your eyes closed, it’s not the same for many of the cheaper, smaller import brands. Many of these use knock-off parts and low-quality materials which compromises your safety and the long-term health of your car.When buying car parts online, make sure that you choose only a reputable, established brand. Never pick a brand just because it is cheap.
  3. Customer service qualitySelling car parts online is highly competitive. Often, the only way a business can differentiate itself is by offering superior customer service. Before you plop down your cash for an expensive car part, make sure that you try out the customer service once. Send them an email or give them a call. Try to gauge how much they truly know about cars. If the customer service is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, you know you are in good hands!
  4. Verify required car partsLast, but not the least, make sure that you are buying the right car part before giving up your hard earned money! This sounds simplistic, but many people end up buying parts not meant for their cars. Consult your car manufacturer thoroughly before deciding on a part – it will save you both time and money.

Buying car parts online can be challenging, but with the right guidance, you can select just the right parts and repair your car for cheap.

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