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Bying new carparts online – tips

November 7th, 2014

Many people like to save money by doing their car maintenance and repairs. When reliability is an issue, buying new car parts is the way to go. Online car part shops such as Eurocarparts and buycarparts carry an extensive range so you likely to find the part you require at the best price.

Do Your Research

First, find the number of the car part you need. Contact a few local car dealers and get quotes. Their prices will give you a point of reference when searching online, so that you know whether you have found a bargain.

Check Out The Warranty

Read the small print to find out what warranties are offered. Some car parts may appear to be cheap, but without a warranty you have no come-back should things go wrong. If the company does offer a warranty, take a look at the fine detail such as the mileage covered. Check whether you are liable to pay postage if you need to return a car part. Ideally, you should be looking for a car part company that offers an unlimited mileage, one-year guarantee on car parts, with returns postage-paid.

Customer Service

When you have found the car part you need at the best price and with a good guarantee, you may need some questions answered before you decide to buy. Does the company you are dealing with offer a customer help line? If they do, it is an excellent idea to put it to the test; no warranty is worth much of you cannot contact the company quickly and easily.

Customer Reviews

Finally, if there are any customer reviews available on independent websites, read them carefully. A reputable car part company will have a high number of positive reviews from satisfied customers, so that you will be able to buy with confidence.

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