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Restoring Your Car: Things You Can Do Yourself

October 9th, 2014

Car restoration is a fun and potentially lucrative pastime. Do you have an old Mustang that you would like to bring back to its former glory? You may be considering purchasing a used Porsche and enabling it to gleam once again. While these and other projects can be a bit challenging and may require the skills of a professional, there are other tasks that you can accomplish easily within your garage. Let’s take a look at a few great car restoration tips and tricks.

Windscreen Repair

It is very common for older cars to have a crack or ding within their windscreen. Although larger imperfections could require an entire replacement, those which are smaller than six centimetres can be fixed with the use of a windscreen repair kit. These can be found at most automotive repair stores and they employ the use of a transparent resin to seal the crack and protect it from future damage.

A Coat of Paint

We should first be clear here. Painting your car is much different than slapping a few coats on the walls in your bedroom. You will need to use what is known as an airless paint sprayer. These machines will offer an even coat of paint and they can handle automotive additives quite well. If you do not have the money to purchase one outright, you will always be able to rent a sprayer from a reputable dealer. Of course, you should read the instruction manual before attempting such a job.

Leather Restoration

Nothing beats the feel of a classic car interior. So, you are wise to contemplate restoring any leather to its former glory. Barring the need to physically replace a seat cover or a dashboard, this type of work can normally be carried out quite quickly. There are numerous kits on the open market and they generally come in two parts. A solvent is first used to remove and dirt and debris on the surface. After this is completed, a second material will be rubbed in. This protective top coat will bring out the sheen of the leather and help to protect it against the cold and extreme temperatures. In regards to older models, you should perform this task at least twice every year.So, it is apparent that you do not have to be a professional to carry out some amazing restorative techniques on your used or classic car. In fact, each one of these tasks can be accomplished during a weekend afternoon!

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